Two wrongs.

I observed two things so far this week that I would like to declare completely wrong. And when I say wrong I mean never should’ve happened.

WRONG #1: Man on bike in front of me wearing a full outfit of ill-fitting spandex.

I realize it’s supposed to be tight, but I believe it’s also supposed to cover enough flesh that I don’t see your back, your belly or the pale parts of your legs usually reserved for spouses, significant others or Proctologists.

WRONG #2: “America’s Great Moving Adventure” Themed U-Haul Truck dedicated to Wichita, Kansas.

As a Kansan I can say this . . . I’ve been to Wichita numerous times and it’s a miserable place. Why this would make U-Haul’s list of moving adventure cities is completely beyond me. While I appreciate the fact that they would stray from the expected, this is really pushing it.


One thought on “Two wrongs.

  1. d says:

    hey now! dooda has some great things going for it. i can count them all on…no fingers. god, wichita sucks.

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