Good advice.

I rushed through the doors of the Granville Red Line train station. With a ten dollar bill in hand, I headed for the machine that adds money to the CTA passes. The card reader didn’t work. Then it rejected my ten. Twice. The third time, a CTA employee approached me.

“Let me try,” he politely offered.

In one swift movement, I was ready to roll . The machine accepted the cash and the card reader calculated the total.

“Thanks,” I said, “It’s been a rotten morning.”

“That’s all in the past now,” he said with a smile.

Pretty brilliant. Instead of getting caught up in bad things and carrying them around like a leaky suitcase full of poop, why not leave them where they belong. In the past.


One thought on “Good advice.

  1. chad says:

    on the money. some days you just say what we need to hear.

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