The luxury of a warm shower.

Last Tuesday we lost all the hot water running to our shower. Needless to say, this complicated the morning routine a bit. Left with two options—cold showers or “military” showers—I dreaded getting out of bed. I constantly fumbled with the faucet hoping for a warm trickle. By the time Thursday rolled around, I just stood in the tub and cussed at the wall.

Then it hit me.

I’m one of the millions of spoiled Americans who lose their mind over completely insignificant things. What would happen if I had to deal with a REAL problem? What if I had to come to terms with a life-threatening disease, major accident or natural disaster? What if my mettle was truly put to the test? I suspect I’d wind up locked in a dark room somewhere crying out for sympathy, psychiatrists and, of course, a warm shower.


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