Computer slang.

It goes without saying that I’m easily entertained. But I sincerely believe some of the greatest moments in life get overlooked because we’re just too damn distracted by electronic devices.

Today, however, an electronic device was the source, not the culprit. Sitting here in my $900 chair, plucking away at the keyboard trying to come up with an incredibly creative way to sell paint, I came across a Microsoft® Word® situation that made me smile:

Now that my mind is completely off track, I think I’ll grab my crazy quilt, some crazyweed (also known as “locoweed”) and see if there’s any cream cheese around here.


One thought on “Computer slang.

  1. d says:

    you need a crueller and a case full of crack to complete your confounded castration. (i ran our of c words there at the end, sorry)

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