Words of wisdom from Austin, Texas.

A few hours shy of the VP debate, I’m feeling a bit anxious and maybe slightly depressed. As I result, I’ve been doing exactly what you’d expect from a whiny liberal—typing away on my Mac listening to “alternative” country in my Herman Miller chair.

But rather than talking politics, a subject I’m not qualified in any way to expound upon, I’d like to direct your attention to Mike Nicolai and some inspiring lyrics I picked up on today in the song “I Forgot” on his 2003 release “Rooster Nudes.”

“How do you do it?”

He said, “Me? I just fake it . . .”

Fake it in the break room. I fake it at happy hour.

Some kind of survival instinct way down the chain. Far away from the one to feed a child or kill, but still as vital nowadays.


So, no matter what happens with the collapsing banks, the price of fuel, the mortgage crisis, the war, consumer confidence and all the rest of the messes that have smacked us Americans in the faces, don’t forget that you can fake it. Happiness. Joy. Faith in the American way. Just fake it and maybe everything will be OK.

Mike Nicolai’s site: http://www.mikenicolai.net/
Buy “Rooster Nudes” here: http://www.lulu.com/content/366844


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