Cyber-bullies, modern-day pirates at sea and Al-Queda picking fights with Obama. Man, today’s headlines are disturbing and downright strange. I must confess, now that the election is over my interest in current events has waned quite a bit.

So, screw the world, let’s talk about my life. I’ve been busy at work. I mean really involved with a handful of cool projects. I won’t bore you with details. Instead, I’ll simply offer this as at least one excuse for my absence.

Also, I’ve been somewhat involved with the launch of my brand new work site. Thanks to Scott R., Steve and IQ Foundry for making me look so good online. Now I only wish my copywriting skills were as advanced as the site that showcases them. I’m not worthy!

Finally, I just want to send a sincere thanks to all those who stop in regularly to indulge in my randomness. Good or bad, posting a few words every couple of days makes me happy and I can only hope that reading them makes you happy too.

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