Extra cheese, please.

I just read that increased noise pollution in the world’s oceans is threatening the lives of whales. WHALES! The idea that man and his inventions have caused enough of a ruckus to harm the world’s largest creatures in the world’s largest body of water makes my head hurt.

Crap. Instead of worrying about something I can’t change, maybe I should just opt out—order a pizza, run to the liquor store and go numb in front of the TV. Now that’s the ticket.


One thought on “Extra cheese, please.

  1. Jimmie Thompson says:


    Mom gave me your blog address. Her and Dad read it often. I was taking a break from work and I think I am hooked too. I noticed beer was a topic that you touched on, do you ever drink any Belgium beer? My good friend Dennis turned me on to them. The flavor is great and the are very filling, in fact, I am usually full before I am drunk.


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