A little faith in humanity restored.

The day after Obama was elected we took to the streets with 3 cameras, $1600 cash, a camper and a comedian. The idea was to put a guy in various strategically chosen Chicago locations and video tape him while attempting to hand out singles, fives and tens to strangers. Needless to say, I was nervous going into the first day. I worried we’d run out of money. I worried people would stand around and hound the guy for more cash. I expected a swarm of homeless people. None of this happened. Not even close.

First and most surprising, most people didn’t take the cash. Those who did were very gracious. A lot of people made thoughtful suggestions like “I don’t need it, but there’s a guy around the corner who might.”  And then there were a number of really memorable reactions—a few ladies offered hugs, many offered him money and one guy took our comedian for a ride around the block in his limo.

I’ll skip the obnoxious feel-good evaluation of the general population and simply  direct you to the videos posted online so you can see for yourself that the world isn’t as greedy as you might expect. BE WARNED: this is advertising, so if you’re not interested in a word from our sponsor, don’t click the link and forget you ever read this post. However, if you do find your way to the videos, please enjoy.



One thought on “A little faith in humanity restored.

  1. Belinda says:

    This “gift of cash” story is amazing! Who would have thought? Yet in wondering…I’m not sure what I would do either. You would wonder what the catch is… what do I have to do in accepting the cash? The guy is obviously not totally “with it”… he probably needs the money more than I do… Wow, I really don’t know … I think if I ever see someone handing out money, I’ll just FORCE myself to accept it graceously… then I’ll find out the money was stolen and I’m getting arrested for accepting stolen property or something! 🙂

    Love your thoughts Curtis! Keep ‘um coming!

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