True holiday.

Yesterday morning I realized that I was actually paying attention to the act of brushing my teeth. Normally just another mechanical aspect of my daily routine, my personal hygiene actually seemed personal for a second. Then I looked in the mirror and did the old who-the-hell-is-that-guy thing that used to perplex me as a stoned teenager.

I suppose it’s damn near impossible to exist as an independent adult  without a whole truckload of anxiety and long list of chores, but I’d like to try. I don’t mean to get all Bobby McFerrin on you here, but I suppose the occasional “awakening” could certainly help a person manage their life the way a life ought to be managed. That is, by paying more attention to the things that really matter—the good people who surround us, all the nice things we own (rather than the things we wish we had), even the simple fact that we have safe drinking water coming out of our faucets.

Of course, all this reflection strikes me as I listen to the new Split Lip Album. Now a 3-man-band, a short note inside the jacket reads, “In loving memory of Kirk Rundstrom (1968-2007).” 39 years was all he got, folks! On that somber note I’ll make my point: pay attention (if you can)! Live in the now (if you can find a way)! Enjoy this strange existence (if you’ve got the time)! Just a few days shy of New Year’s, I say screw the resolutions and just smile—as soon as you finish brushing your teeth that is.



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