As seen on TV.

While we acknowledge the occasion, Cristi and I have never been the kind of people to make a big scene out of silly Hallmark Holidays like Valentine’s Day. But this year the festive mood was at all time low.

Her job at the French Patisserie meant that instead of hanging out with me, she was working very long hours bringing joy to other people’s Valentine’s Days. I bought a nice bouquet of flowers and cleaned the apartment, but by the time she got home on Saturday evening all she wanted was a beer.

However, today’s early morning trip to Walgreen’s could put Valentine’s Day 2009 on the map. Although I’m a few days late, I believe I’ve  found the ultimate gift. The SNUGGIE.

While the flowers sit on the dining room table and slowly wilt, the Snuggie will never lose its power to “keep you warm and your hands free!” And if that doesn’t sound romantic AND practical, I don’t know what does.


More on the Snuggie revolution?

Chicago Tribune article

Snuggie Pub Crawl


One thought on “As seen on TV.

  1. coffee says:

    Snuggies are all the rage night now

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