Pour some sugar on me.

Each morning, I ride by a trendy hotel that blasts music onto the sidewalk 24 hours a day. Usually it’s so loud the bellboys have to yell to communicate with each other. This makes me laugh.

Today, Def Leppard blared from hidden speakers. “Pour some sugahh on MEHHH,” echoed through the surrounding streets. Suddenly Wabash Avenue became Memory Lane. I thought of the first time I heard the song on ZZ99. I remembered rushing into the living room to sit in front of our RCA console TV to sing along with the music video. I could almost smell the ‘Electric Youth’ perfume that filled the gymnasium at my first 7th Grade dance.

Of all the places a song can play and all the nostalgic feelings a song can stir, I felt bad that it had come to this. Like a war hero wasting away in a crusty nursing home, Def Leppard’s hit deserves a better venue than the tacky entryway of an overpriced hotel on a cold Chicago morning.

But I must confess—I haven’t been able to get it out of my head all day. Hotel entryway music or not, ‘Pour some sugar on me’ still sorta rocks.


One thought on “Pour some sugar on me.

  1. Mike says:

    what hotel? that’s hot.

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