Among the wealthy.

We went down to the Chicago Cultural Center yesterday for The International Vintage Poster Fair. And while most of the dealers were surprisingly friendly (I would imagine they can judge who’s there to buy and who’s there to wander around), many of the patrons were rich, sorta rude and funny to watch.

Here are a few observations I made that you might find entertaining (unless you’re rich and then you’ll be offended):

  • Rich people wear a lot of scarves (men and women).
  • The word “precisely” is a big hit in their vocabulary.
  • Rich people make spur of the moment purchase decisions BECAUSE THEY CAN.
  • Any respect for your personal space disappears when they see something they want.
  • Holding the door for a handicapped woman means you’re going to hold the door for them and a couple of their rich friends as well.

Finally, my favorite:

  • Rich people decide to buy certain pieces of artwork to match the color of their walls—not necessarily to match their personal taste

One thought on “Among the wealthy.

  1. Mike says:

    Wow, I wish I was there to not hold the door for some really rich people. That makes my day, and even though it should bring them down to reality, and it doesn’t, it brings a smile to my face.

    And that’s precisely what really matters.

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