It’s OK.

Our big city apartment building is surrounded by single-family homes filled with children. Walk the tree-lined streets and you’ll see toys strewn about front porches, sidewalks covered in chalk and living room windows adorned with hand-drawn pictures haphazardly taped to the glass.

The window art is especially intriguing. Not only does it prove that kids still know how to use writing utensils, it usually corresponds with the seasons, major holidays and even current events. During the presidential election, for example, there were a lot of  Obama-related drawings prominently placed for passersby to read. “Vote for Change,” “Yes we can!” and “HOPE” in crayon and marker. While there are certainly pros and cons surrounding five-year-olds creating political propaganda, I saw a bi-partisan message today that made me smile. It read:

“Don’t worry. It’s OK.”

I think I might copy the sign word-for-word and post it in my window. But only if I can find my crayons, of course.


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