We haven’t really been going to many shows lately. I could come up with about 27 good reasons why sitting on the deck watching rats scurry across the parking lot is more interesting, but I won’t bore you with the details of the basic inner-workings of my brains. I will make a few observations regarding going out to see live music in Chicago: 1) Getting to the venue without a car always seems complicated and 2) Getting a drink or two once we’ve arrived always seems more expensive than it should be.

That said, I thought this article on the origin of the jackass in the crowd who yells ‘Freebird’ in between songs was really entertaining. If you haven’t already read it, enjoy.


One thought on “Skynyrd.

  1. jeremy says:

    It’s too bad that the writer of that article can’t appreciate the happiness and joy Chicago felt for nearly 20 years as Kevin Matthews reigned as King of the Idiots!

    Now I have to stream him over the internet from his new home in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Worth a listen for those fed up with pre-programmed garbage like JACK-FM!

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