Eaten alive.

Jez has two water bowls. One inside the house with her food and another on the back porch. The bowl on the porch is her preferred drinking bowl and we often worry that she doesn’t get any water during the day when she’s locked inside because she’s holding out for the one on the deck. So, we take extra special care to make sure the deck bowl is always full and free of debris.

Today, after we returned from our morning walk, I noticed a big bug swimming on the surface of her sacred water.

“Yer gonna drown bug,” I mumbled to myself like a crazy person, “Or worse, you’ll get slurped up by Jez.”

So, I gently fished him out and set him free on the deck floor. Naturally, Jez was standing by watching the whole thing. And waiting.

Feeling good about my life-saving efforts, Jez suddenly lunged forward and ate the bug whole.

In retrospect, I suppose I probably should’ve let the bug swim, but at least Jez got a snack out of the deal.


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