Off The Street Club event today.

Hey all. I just wanted to take an opportunity to let you know about event we’re putting on today outside the Tribune building from 6AM to 3. Maybe I’m feeling all self-righteous because this is the first time I’ve ever been involved in a good cause, or MAYBE I just want you come out and donate $10. Either way, here’s what Lewis Lazare has to say. Hope to see you there.

“Euro RSCG/Chicago is hosting the annual Off the Street Club holiday luncheon later this year, but the agency is expanding on that project with other efforts to raise funds for Chicago’s oldest club for boys and girls. One such event is slated for Friday, Sept. 25, when Euro and the Off the Street Club will set up a number of life-sized cut-outs of kids in Pioneer Court, near the North Michigan Avenue Bridge. The hope is that the cut-outs will draw attention to the kids the club is in business to help and encourage passers-by to make a contribution of at least $10 to the cause on the spot. Euro and the Off the Street Club are emphasizing that every little bit helps. For instance, $10 will buy a healthy snack for kids in the small-fry program, while $25 will help provide supplies for the club’s music program. Euro RSCG’s overarching theme for its Off the Street Club project this year is “Off the Street and On To So Much More.”

And here’s the official poster:



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