Like a falcon in the sky.

With rain drops dripping from my glasses and legs covered in road slime, I rode my hipster bike through the streets of downtown Chicago this morning. A pleasure cruise compared to the poor folks packed tight on buses or trains, my commute is one part of the day I actually look forward to. But the winter months can be brutal and this October has been a rough introduction to a seasonal shift marked by bad weather.

So, I’m thinking this crazy family out in Colorado with the silver balloon contraption might be on to something. I’ve never been an early adopter, but using a balloon to get around sounds stellar.  Obviously, we’d have to perfect the controls a bit and crash landing is probably not the most graceful way to show up at the office, but every innovation requires a little fine-tuning.

Happy Friday, you all. I’m riding a bike home tonight, but I see a balloon in my future.

A lovely piece of artwork by Peter Nidzgorski.

A lovely piece of artwork (used without permission) by Peter Nidzgorski.


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