Always something there.

As many of you may know, I keep a picture of my Grandparents in the living room. During the week, before I leave for work, I use the photo as a gentle reminder that no matter what comes way throughout the day, I’ve got good roots.

Today being Saturday—a relatively bullshit-free day—I didn’t consult the photo when I got out of bed. Instead, I made a second pot of coffee and stored it in my Grandpa’s old Thermos that I inherited when he passed away. Another sentimental reminder of my family, I felt tremendously blessed. Not only did I know these two people so well that I use their picture for inspiration, but I’m still using their long forgotten kitchenware to keep things warm.

They always say kids need role models. But I’m here to argue that adults do too. As I’ve said many times before, even though Grandma and Grandpa can’t be here in person, they’ll certainly always be here in spirit.


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