Kids text the funniest things.

So, Cristi is down in Florida taking care of her nieces and nephews while sister-in-law recovers from surgery. Needless to say, she has a lot of cute kid stories to share. Between the trips to school by golf cart and sidewalk chalk art projects, she’s really getting to know these little humans.

The best part? Somewhere along the way, the three-year-old, Reece, got her hands on Cristi’s phone and they started sending me joint text messages.

Here’s an exchange from our last conversation:

“Are you going out tonight? + nXmb”

– From Cristi & Reece

“Not going out tonight. Think I’m gonna lay low. Maybe watch a movie.”

– From Curtis

“Q cueddrrtusaÿuntcrdroiassrtiirseEre that sounds good to us.”

– From Reece & Cristi

So, with that, happy Friday to you all. May you have a XKDfn alcnlakdjaffgo;;kfbj weekend.


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