City sounds.

Here’s something to meditate on for a moment: If a car alarm goes off in a densely populated metropolitan area, does anyone notice? Having resided in Oakland, Chicago and now Kansas City, I’ve been asking myself this question for years.

I understand the urge to lock things down and efforts to protect property—especially something as sacred and expensive as a vehicle. However, I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed a car alarm buzzing as the result of thief trying to break in. Instead, it seems they’re usually malfunctioning or reacting to the vibration of passing garbage truck or train.

Of course, any point I’ve made is completely lost due to the fact that I’m also a complete hypocrite. Right now, at this very moment, I have two vehicles out back with the alarms set—locked, loaded and fully equipped to scare away any unsuspecting garbage trucks.

Happy Friday, friends. May your weekends be fun, productive and completely alarm-free.


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