DIY 2008: The third installment in the Shipley Green Family Christmas Card Art Review

Did I mention that buying a 100-year-old piece of property in Chicago was the stupidest thing we’ve ever done? And the regret will haunt us until our dying days? I don’t want to dampen the holiday cheer, but these facts are the perfect introduction to the 2008 Shipley Green Family Christmas Card.

You see, ’08 was a year defined by small, seemingly constant maintenance projects around our “fixer-upper” condo. Paint. Light fixtures. Plumbing. Windows. Radiators. Suicide. Looking back, I think I spent more time on a ladder dropping things than I spent sleeping.

Cristi hated it and often asked me to stop and just enjoy our place. Jez on the other hand, was not only annoyed by the construction, she was absolutely terrified of it. The days were filled with hammers, drills and screwdrivers—her only way out was inside the condo, so she would often run and hide in the pantry or the bathroom. Only at night, long after the day’s disaster had come to end, would she emerge to sleep in her dog bed. And that moment of peace among chaos was what I wanted to capture in my screwy sketch for 2008.


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