A few days with Zorg.

As planned, our time in MoKan is dominated and defined by family events. It’s a life of hugs from mom, advice from dad and cute kids galore. The kids are especially intriguing. They’re sweet, incredibly smart and surprisingly well behaved for these modern times.

This past Memorial Day weekend we planned a marathon three-day camping event at the property famously known as “the Farm.” With fishing, fireworks and excessive beer drinking on the agenda, food became a secondary priority on my shopping list. Luckily the parents in attendance had the groceries covered and I was invited to partake in their cornucopia of good stuff.

Along with meats, fruits and an assortment of brand name junk food, there were lots of breakfast options. Eggs, sausage, bacon, bagels, toast, fruit and potatoes just to name a few. And if you didn’t feel like firing up the skillet, there were six or seven boxes of cereal to choose from. But among the Special K and Wheaties, it was the  “Alien Berry Punch” that seemed to get the most attention.

Of course, it wasn’t the cereal’s alleged great taste or minimal nutritional benefits that made it such a hit at out campsite breakfast table—it was the free prize. Indeed, the marketing folks Alien Berry Punch International really nailed it when they decided to put temporary tattoos featuring each of the Alien Berry Crunch characters inside the box.

A quick dig through the sugary kibble and we retrieved the goods. The kids chose their tattoos and went for mine. Within minutes, we were covered in unrecognizable alien characters carrying breakfast spoons. Now almost three days later the alien on my arm who goes by the name Zorg is still somewhat intact.

That’s all for now. I hope all your tattoos, temporary or otherwise, give you as much joy as Zorg as has given me. Feel like decorating your body with an Alien Berry Crunch character? Try a trip to your local grocer.


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