In my car.

These days, my commute to work is easy. Too far and treacherous to bike, I’m now a daily driver. Crazy, I know. After almost fifteen years of bad weather, bad drivers and broken bike parts, I actually look forward to my time in my Toyota. Especially the listening to music part. And I’m not alone. Pull up to a stoplight on any given day and there are quite a few others just like me—alone at the steering wheel, soaking up a song.

Yesterday was particularly awesome. Five or six of us on a three-lane highway came to a stop. Windows down, I noticed the guy on my left was listening to opera, the guy on my right was rattling the windows with a rap tune and I was in the middle with Otis Rush. Surrounded by sound, everything started to merge just as the light turned green. I smiled and wondered if those three particular tracks would ever cross paths again.


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