Will work for irony.

I’ve never really been all that charitable. Friendly, sure, but when it comes to donating time or money, I’ve always been fairly confident that a visit to soup kitchen or ten-dollar check wouldn’t really make all that much difference. However, contrary to my traditional stance on these types of things, I responded to an email a few weeks back asking if I’d be interested in volunteering to help Missouri State Parks with some cleanup efforts.

Yesterday was the big day, starting with registration promptly at 7:30 AM at Weston Bend. To my surprise, a lot of people showed up and everyone seemed genuinely interested in working. Thanks to my poison ivy allergies, I was assigned to the scenic overlook painting crew. A job I was fairly certain I could handle, I headed into the woods all smiles.

The whole event was a success. Not to brag or anything, but we nearly finished our task (we missed a small section because they didn’t want to deal with the liability of volunteers climbing on ladders). The park ranger seemed happy. The local news showed up. And best of all, right before we packed up, I found out the name of the color we’d spent four hours slopping all over the immense wooden structure was “Downtown Brown.”


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