Put some pants on.

Cristi and I have been trying to make the best of our time in our new home, so we’ve been spending our weekends roaming around the neighborhood trying to get a feel for things. With a drink here and dinner there, we’ve found a sushi spot, a great place for wings and a friendly bartender. And in between all that, we’ve found lots of fountains.

After a three-mile trek on Sunday we wound up at the Plaza to do some “gift” shopping. Cristi ran into the Starbucks to use the facilities and I waited outside to watch the world go by. There I saw a homeless guy asking for money, a couple of wealthy looking folks—trying to avoid the homeless guy asking for money—and a single woman accompanied by lots of children. As they made their way, I overheard one kid ask a very perplexing question.

“Hey mom, how come all the fountains have naked people in them?”

Mom didn’t have an answer and when I started to think about it I really didn’t either. There’s the whole “beauty of the human form” argument, but I’m not sure a five-year-old can really comprehend such a concept.

I smiled as I watched them disappear into the crowd at Starbucks—realizing that I was standing right next to one of the “naked” fountains the entire time.



One thought on “Put some pants on.

  1. Dan says:

    I’m doing a little catching up on Opposite Day. I usually read posts in my email, but I’ve been busy lately.

    This one’s great. The library we go to has a fountain with a naked woman statue in it. Cooper asked me why she was naked, and without really thinking I told him “Because it’s funny.” That was good enough for him.

    I think the peeing boy in your fountain would’ve been particularly funny.

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