How’d you know?

We’re not fancy people, but I have to admit we’ve been experimenting with wine. We’re open to red and white. Twelve dollars max. And of course, a little review card on the shelf is also helpful. If someone else says it’s good, we’ll buy it. At least once. Especially if it’s on sale. For less than twelve bucks.

So, Cristi came home the other night with a surprise. She’d stopped by the liquor store and I’d requested something red for dinner. She presented the bottle and, true to my reputation as an unsophisticated Neanderthal, I immediately judged the product based on the label.

“Wow, this looks really good. How’d you pick it?”

“Well, it had a bicycle and a naked woman on it,” she replied with a smile, “I figured you’d love it.”

Happy Friday out there. May your weekends be filled with all the things you love. Especially, um, bicycles.


2 thoughts on “How’d you know?

  1. Amber Seymour says:

    Try the brand Borsao (sp?). It has a pretty plain label with the name on it. Their red wine pretty much is our everyday wine in our house. It’s one of the best cheap wine we’ve found for $7 to $8 dollars a bottle.

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