It’s just lunch.

Yesterday my new co-worker and I took a walk to get out of the office. She was seeking food and I was after a cup of coffee. We debated as we wandered and within a couple of blocks wound up at YJ’s.

I checked my wallet and it was empty as usual. I glanced at the $5-minimum-for-credit-card sign.

“Hey, um, will you buy me a cup of coffee?” I reluctantly asked, trying to gauge whether she was nodding yes to be friendly or to just avoid awkwardness.

“Of course,” she said with a smile.

A few minutes passed. The grill sizzled. I stood back to stay out of the way of the steady stream of customers as some kind of situation began to unfold at the cash register. Everything stopped for a second. My co-worker turned around and looked at me with an uncomfortable glance.

“Hey, Curtis. Um, I actually left my wallet at the office. Would you mind, um, well…,” she trailed off as I stepped up to the register with my credit card in hand to cover the $10 tab.

It was an interesting turn of financial events that just goes to show generosity and kindness are usually rewarded. Sometimes within seconds.

Happy Friday, friends. Eat well. Drink well. And try to keep some damn cash in your wallet.


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