Twice is nice.

Yesterday afternoon Cristi called with an emergency situation.

“Where are we going to take my mom for lunch?”

I ran through a list of the usual places, but none seemed to pique her interest.

“Well, you know Woodyard Bar-B-Que is a little bit of drive, but I bet your mom would love it,” I said somewhat selfishly, with memories of the spare ribs I’d eaten there the day before dancing in my head.

“Perfect, good thinking, Green.”

45 minutes later we were engulfed in barbeque bliss. And smoke. At Woodyard they smoke right out on the patio—right where everyone sits—and we were downwind from the wafting stacks.

The cook came by and asked how everything was. I don’t know for sure if he recognized me from the day before, but we all nodded our heads and I offered a personal testimonial to show my love.

“I’ve been here two days in a row,” I proclaimed, rib bone in hand.

He looked at me and smiled, “Well, I just talked to a guy who said this was his THIRD day in a row.”

Enjoy your weekends. Eat something delicious. If you’re in the KC area, I’d recommend a trip to Woodyard. Tell them the short guy who tends to talk too much sent you. They won’t have any idea who you’re talking about.


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