Traditional communications.

Back around the first week of June we made a quick trip down to Springfield, Missouri. First, I interviewed with the great people who are now my employers. A few hours later, we wound up at a bar where we saw a band and met our current landlord. Everything fell into place in less that 48 hours. I’ve called it serendipitous more than once. A few others have as well. There’s a lot more to the story, but hopefully the key points are plenty to pique your interest.

Anyway, it was on that trip, at the bar where we met lots of nice people including our 80-year old banjo playing landlord, that I stole a band’s poster off the wall because I liked the artwork. I know that’s the kind of stuff you shouldn’t do when you’re supposed to be a respectable adult, but I couldn’t resist. A few weeks later, I bought their album. And now we’re planning on going to see the show tomorrow night.

The band is called Water Liars. They’re from St. Louis. And their music makes me wish more folks read this blog because they’re outstanding. Of course, when I snagged the poster I had no idea we’d be living in Springfield when the event actually took place. Now I can only hope this entry makes up for the fact that I stole their property. Selfishly, I think it’s a pretty awesome souvenir as it represents the rough beginning of a whole chain of events that no one could have predicted. Hopefully they would agree.

Funny life. Farewell for now. May fate, good fortune and new tunes be with you.

They had me at the coffin. And on Friday the 13th no less? Very nice.


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