Sexy tomatoes.

The other day I read that “sexting” has been added to the dictionary as an informal noun to describe, “the sending of sexually explicit photographs or messages via mobile phone.” Whether this is a clear sign of just how stupid we’ve become is up for debate, but it did get me thinking about how big a role texting plays in our daily lives—especially between Cristi and myself.

From “we’re out of toilet paper,” to “what time will you be home,” our texts are fairly benign. But last night I got a bit of a surprise when she went outside to water her plants and my phone chimed a few minutes later. I clicked on the message to reveal one of the most salacious images I’ve ever received from her. Curvy. Fresh. Slightly wet. You guessed it. Ripe tomatoes fresh off the vine.

After seven years of marriage, we’ve both learned how to make the most of the little things. Especially if those little things will eventually lead to homemade spaghetti sauce.


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