On writing.

When life evens out, I tend to spend more time writing in a journal than I do on the internet. And right now, things are pretty level.

The original notion here was documenting observations and small events where people surprised me with friendly or unexpected behavior. An organized series of emotional punch lines basically. But life as we know it isn’t the struggle it was when we were steadily going broke in the big city. It’s not a battle getting to the office—it’s quite pleasant actually. The challenges come from the work itself, not commuting back and forth trying to avoid becoming someone’s bloody hood ornament.

Home is peaceful and the landlords are wonderful people. The only noise comes from barking dogs and they can’t be blamed for their bad behavior. There’s cheap art on the walls and the internet connection is dependable should you have the burning desire to read the New York Times or even post an introspective blog entry.

There’s a beat up Toyota in the driveway when we want to get out of town. There’s even a bike rack on top when you get the somewhat ironic impulse to drive somewhere in order to ride.

These days, as we’re living them, are easy going and offer very little material to inspire “opposite” feelings. I’d like to think we may even adopt a dog again. Maybe two. After all, I believe people can endure practically anything and come out fairly unscathed. Or at least not mortally wounded.

3 thoughts on “On writing.

  1. Aunt Linda says:

    My every morning starts with checking in on you. I’ve followed your internet posting since you started – through all your ups and downs. It makes me feel closer to home. And now, after wading through all the crap, you finally seem to be at home in Springfield. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Aunt Linda

    • curtisgreen says:

      Hey Linda. I’ve thought a lot about shutting this sucker down, but notes like yours make me want to keep the random silliness going strong. I enjoy myself, but I do find myself questioning whether there’s much happening here that’s worth paying any attention to. Validation is nice—especially for borderline bipolar, creative types like myself with fuzzy levels of self-confidence.

      And yes, Springfield is a good spot. I think I’d like to stay a while.

      • Mike says:

        I feel the same way. I don’t get the chance to read every day, but when I do, I backtrack and read the missed posts as well. You have the writing skills of a potnetial novelist.

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