Out with strangers.

When dining with co-workers, I try to loosely monitor our behavior as a group. Often these are people I don’t know beyond the confines of the office and there’s no way to anticipate how they’ll behave in public. For example, I’ve observed seemingly friendly art directors be incredible butt holes to servers, cool account guys drop f-bombs like it’s the coolest fucking word they know and high-level, well-compensated creative directors “forget” to tip.

A few weeks back, we gathered a few folks at the office and made a plan to go out to lunch. When we arrived at the restaurant, we were seated right next to what appeared to be a family reunion. Adults of all ages and lots of kids. Five minutes in, I noticed there was a smattering of loud cussing coming from our table. I considered an intervention as I momentarily shifted my attention to the family siting nearby.

“Damn, that little motherfucker ate a lot. Shit,” one of the father-type individuals said, pointing at one of the babies in a high chair.

At that point, I decided our profanity probably wasn’t going to bother any of the motherfuckers sitting nearby.


2 thoughts on “Out with strangers.

  1. Mike says:

    It’s been a while since I’ve caught up on your blog, apparently. You’d be amazed (as I) once you leave the confines of work how your cohorts act and what not. We recently decided at work that we absolutely must take applying candidates out for lunch on second interviews to watch their behavior at the dinner table. It is amazing to see how they morph into these 14th century marauders that seemingly will sever your hand if you attempt to enter their food space and feel that dining time is a natural breeding ground for debauchery. I feel as if sometimes man has not evolved whatsoever in the 35,000 years we set foot on earth.

    • curtisgreen says:

      Yeah, I think sometimes true character comes out when people least expect it. Although, I have to admit that I’m personally embarrassed by my own behavior behind the wheel. If someone forgoes their turn signal in front of me, I sometimes go into a fit of blind rage that no living creature should have to endure. It doesn’t match the rest of my personality. At least I hope it doesn’t…

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