Fear of the unknown.

Fall is upon us. This means a whole lot less daylight. Which ultimately means lots of dog walking in the dark. Until the weekend rolls around. Then Woody and I get a little time out in the world when objects we normally can’t see become apparent.

Now as Woody explores life outside the pound, it’s my job to expose him to as many things as possible. Ideally he’ll fear the stuff that can hurt him (cars) and get comfortable with the stuff that don’t pose any threat (yard art). However, one thing I didn’t have on the list was fire hydrants. Yes, fire hydrants.

The encounter took place about 7:15 this morning at the corner of our freakishly quiet residential street. First Woody pulled off the road with a cautious, quiet stroll. Then he launched a brief ambush complete with jumping and lunging. The attack was followed by a quick retreat and then barking.

I tried not to laugh. I debated if I should introduce Woody to the harmless fire hydrant. I considered all the classic associations between male dogs and fire hydrants and wondered if perhaps we might have a strange dog on our hands. One that doesn’t quite fit the mold. I liked this notion and smiled as we made our way on down the street together. Two weirdos side by side.


One thought on “Fear of the unknown.

  1. Aunt Linda says:

    You and Woody made me laugh! And the picture of you two was good too!

    Aunt Linda

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