Four more years.

I was in Chicago in 2008 for Obama’s first victory and I’m glad to be here in the suburbs of the big city for his second.

Frankly, I’m really not a strong proponent of either Democrats or Republicans. I think the bickering is silly and I avoid politically charged discussions at all costs. Personally, I think this election came down to character. Obama is a likeable guy and Romney is not. No amount of baby kissing and flannel shirts at farm rallies was going to change the fact that the guy seems like a creep.

As an individual who endured a foreclosure during the Obama presidency, I think it’s absurd that anyone would have the nerve to blame his administration for our poor economic state. I believe we’re here because of decades worth of reckless decision making and deregulation. But I digress.

I’d highly suggest watching the documentary Inside Job. I found it tremendously enlightening. As for our personal financial state, I blame myself for not paying enough attention to the fine print. And perhaps not having a firm grasp on just how much the American Dream can cost when decks fall off, roofs need to be replaced and parking lots begin to sink.

Good luck, Mr. President. You’re going to need it. Likable or not, nearly half the country voted against you. Onward. Upward. And off to a meeting.


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