24. 18. 24.

Valentine’s Day is silly, but it must be acknowledged. Single people flock to parties with other single people. The committed, but not yet married, usually flood restaurant lobbies in hopes of having a “romantic” dinner jammed up against another couple with the same aspirations. And the married folks, well, we usually rely on the old standbys—flowers, chocolate and maybe booze.

Last night I believe I fulfilled my Valentine’s duty. First and most important, the flowers. 24 amazing pink roses. They made Cristi smile. Second, an 18 pack of Coors Light. Bottles not cans, of course. This gift apparently made her thirsty because she cracked one open almost immediately. Finally, the chocolate. This one is tough because Cristi has spent a significant amount of time with the French making chocolate, so her standards are insanely high. So high that I generally avoid this obligatory item. However, despite my intuition, I bought a 24-pack of Walgreen’s best and decided to give it to my mother-in-law who is spending the week at our house. She seemed delighted with the gift.

Single, committed or married, I hope something happens to you today that makes you happy. Valentine’s Day is silly, but our need to be loved is undeniable.



Awesome illustration found here.

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