Standard operating procedure.

The world is full of fake. Jam packed. Bursting at the seams. But rather than going into a long list of examples, I’ll get right into the faking and pretend you know exactly what I’m talking about.

All this brings me to Walgreen’s. Last month. I stopped in to pick up my 30-day-supply of pills. Just as I headed for the door, the pharmacist said, “thank you, be well.” I paused to process. The “be well” part was unexpected and seemed really genuine. I was sorta touched.

Then, just a few days ago, I was back at the Walgreen’s, picking up another 30-day-supply of drugs. Three of us stood in line. Everyone got a “thank you” followed by a “be well.” I realized I’d been charmed by routine kindness.

It seems, “be well” is just part of the script and I’m just a lame character in the repetitive retail cycle. I’ve run quite a few cash registers in my life over the years. I get it. Sincere or not, I’ve been well and the pills, as far as I know, have been doing their jobs.


One thought on “Standard operating procedure.

  1. Linda Thompson says:

    Wow! That is a good looking bad truck! Thanks for sharing. Did the burn happen? Haven’t heard from your Mom.
    Aunt Linda

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