Goldfish from God.

Cristi and I try to keep our junk food intake to a minimum. Goldfish, however, have been a staple in the Shipley-Green household for at least a decade. It could have something to do with their little smiling faces, but they seem like a better, slightly healthier option when they’re up against other snack cracker contenders like Cheez-Its, Triscuits and Wheat Thins. While I have to admit that I don’t usually study them one-by-one, I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen God in any of their faces.

This could be a sign that I need to start paying more attention to my Goldfish. Or, most likely, it’s a sign that it’s a slow news day for me and the popular media, and we’re all just looking for a way to simply wish you a happy Friday. With that, have a good weekend. Keep an eye on your snack crackers. After all, if God is in one box, the Devil is bound to show up in another.


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