Roger that.

It seems I spent another entire weekend at a carshow. This time in beautiful Ottawa, KS. The weather was amazing, the number of people who drove in was incredible and, as always, the crowd was friendly.

I took a little different approach to this show than any other I’ve ever attended. Not only was I on the prowl for inspiration and advice regarding my missing ’51, I decided to seek out the owners of the cars that impressed me and talk to them. Which is a somewhat risky proposition when you lack any real basic mechanical knowledge. But as I quickly discovered getting people to elaborate on the beautiful things they’ve built (or bought) is simple—even if I was completely lost during bits and pieces of the conversation.

While making the rounds, I had an opportunity to speak with a builder by the name of Roger Ward. Not only was I impressed with his incredible workmanship (two of his creations were parked nearby), his philosophy on life and custom cars was quotable. Of course, one statement really got me:

“All cars go from point A to point B…but the important thing is how much confusion you cause in between.”

It made me laugh. And it made me think. While the quote is about cars on the surface, I think it could be easily applied to life in general. So, with that, I’m off to cause some confusion.

Front in the Back

Confused? This wasn’t one of Roger’s cars, but it certainly helps reinforce his point.



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