Solved that one.

We’ve been having some wild weather down here in the lower Midwest. From frost-bitten flowers and crackling logs in the fireplace to shorts on the deck and mosquito bites in a 48-hour cycle. And wind. Gusts up to your-gonnna-lose-your-hat-unless-you-hold-onto-it miles per hour.

Naturally, there’s no better way to experience the elements than with a early morning bike ride through the woods. Which is the situation I found myself in yesterday. Making my way through asphalt twists and turns, fighting headwinds and loving the tailwinds that followed, I heard the sound of dry, crackling branches up ahead. It was just me. I slowly pedaled through the next curve to discover a tree in the distance losing its battle against the elements. As the breeze turned to gale force, the tree fell to the ground. That’s right. A tree fell in the woods, no one was around (really) and let me tell you something—it made a sound.

I laughed at the scenario and continued on—wondering if I could expect any new revelations up ahead.


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