Always uphill.

Instead of ordering pizza, we smoke ribs for six hours. Instead of signing up for a five-year payment plan to own a dependable Honda, Kia or Toyota, we buy a ’51 Chevy that has a tendency to die unpredictably in the middle of the street. Instead of a nice, new house, we choose to live in a “charming” but drafty brick building from the ’20s—where the wood floors will give you splinters, the doors don’t latch and the water pressure comes and goes.

Do these characteristics make us hipsters, artists or just stupid? If convenience is king, where did we go wrong? Silly contemplation aside, life feels good today. The leftovers in the fridge are going to be tasty, the old car is running pretty good and the old house is relatively warm. Stop by sometime. We’ll do something completely illogical and maybe even have some fun in the process.

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