This is how it happened.

The holidays came and went too quickly. Always such a sucker for the plastic, flashing, overdone, Coca-Cola Santa merriment of Christmas, this year nearly passed me by.

The agency party was cancelled due to bad weather.

I made cards, but it was a limited run do to printer & computer issues.

I bought a few gifts, but none of them really seemed to do much but suffice.

We even picked up all the ingredients for proper, alcoholic eggnog, but instead of a warm glow, it only gave me a slight stomach ache.

These are not complaints—merely observations of reality as I grow older and start to face the fact that adults are pretty lame. But next year will be different. I’ll start early. I’ll plan better. I’ll take two weeks off and…wait…now instead of just acting like a lame adult, I’m talking like one, too.

Happy New Year? How about that? We still have one “holiday” left to go. 2013 wasn’t bad, but perhaps 2014 could be even better? Resolutions are stupid, but if I had to come up with one I’d say I need to make the most of everything as it happens—no matter how many other things are trying to distract me. Live in the now! Now one has ever said that before, right? Right? With that philosophy as my guide, just wait until next Christmas! You’re all getting new luxury cars because that’s what really makes people happy, right? Just make sure to let me know color and brand preference. Lexus? Saab? Mercedes?

Just wait.


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