Thirteen, going on fourteen.

Rather than resolutions for the year ahead, I decided to look back on the highlights of the year that just happened. Thanks to good people, great job opportunities and the warm bosom of the lower Midwest, our world has stabilized following a rough 2010-11. Life is good and right now that’s good enough for me.

So here’s my top six list of cool things that happened in 2013. Why six? Because top 10 lists are lame. Besides, forcing four more accomplishments out of six-accomplishment year to satisfy some kind of numeric convention is just silly. Right?

1) Paid off the credit card debt we’d been carrying around for the last five years. I’m sure Citibank did something good with all that interest money.

2) With YouTube by my side, I rebuilt a single-barrel carburetor. The difference between this and most of the other mechanical projects I’ve attempted is this one actually improved the situation.

3) Successfully trained our four-legged friend to occasionally respond to a handful of commands. However, this is more of an accomplishment in progress since he’s only compliant when he feels like it and still seems to have no sense of personal safety when other critters are around (dead or alive).

4) Finally planned a trip to the Bay Area. I’ve wanted to share the west coast with Cristi since we met. It was amazing introducing the person I love the most to the place I’ve had a crush on for over a decade.

5) Attempted to play my role as a manager to some very talented young creatives—complete with a couple of year-end reviews. Business cards may be obsolete, but handing them out to junior-level people to announce their promotion to a non-junior level position is incredibly satisfying. The kids are alright.

6) Discovered a cabin in the woods that’s only a few hours from our doorstep. All the years that I cursed our noisy neighbors in the city, I’d swear that all I wanted was a cabin in the woods. Thanks to Arkansas, this angry declaration has become a reality.


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