Helmet reunion tour.

Cristi and I have been digging through the stacks looking for music with balls. This has left us resorting back to a lot of the CDs from our youth. Ministry. Jesus Lizard. Black Sabbath. And Helmet. Ironically, the compact disc brings an element of accessibility to the situation—removing iTunes from the equation means no plugging devices into things or scrolling through libraries.

Like a lot of households, we have a junky stereo in the kitchen. And this junky stereo happens to have a fully functioning CD player. The only issue is that sometimes there’s a few seconds of silence after you press the play button while the machine reads the disc. Usually no big deal, the minor delay stopped me in my tracks this evening.

Just home from work, I hit play on the junky stereo. From there, I ran down to the basement to start a load of laundry. When I got to the bottom of the stairs, a horrifying, dissonant sound came blasting from the kitchen. My heart sunk in a moment of misunderstanding and fear (a risky scenario considering my family history). What the hell? Two seconds later, I realized the disc had started playing. The music with balls had nearly scared the shit of me…and balls and shit are not a good combination. I guess next time I’m reliving my youth, I’ll try to be more careful.

The song that took me by surprise.


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