A little perspective.

It’s so easy to complain. Bitch. Whine. Moan. I don’t have enough me time. I have a headache. Why doesn’t the line at the Starbucks drive thru move faster. My phone sucks. My computer sucks. People suck. My landlord is an asshole. The guy at the mortgage company is an asshole. You’re an asshole.

However, even with every possible scenario you and I may be “suffering” from right now, multiplied by three, I doubt any one of us could begin to understand what it must have felt like to wake up and attempt to conquer the world with Progeria like Sam Berns did for 17 years. For those not familiar, the disease essentially forces a person’s body to mature, age and perish before the age of 20.

After reading Sam’s obituary in the New York Times, I did some digging through the many menus of programming included in our fancy AT&T cable package. That’s where I eventually found Life According to Sam—a documentary that provided a peek into Sam’s day-to-day and information on a condition that I’d never really heard of before. Incredibly heart wrenching, the movie is well done. Whether you like the film or not, at the very least it’ll make you appreciate the fact that you were born without a predetermined time limit on your existence.


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