I see the light.

Malfunction, contemplating the issue and repair have been popular subjects in my brain this week.

It all began when the light in our stove burnt out. Cristi mentioned it back in November and I finally got around to fixing it. But not without the assistance of almighty YouTube. This video was the inspiration that provided the determination I needed to keep awkwardly torquing lefty loosey until the glass cover came free and the bulb could be replaced. Thank you, mrlux. Once I knew I wasn’t the only one having a problem, I was on my way.

Ironically, the same day I replaced the bulb in the oven, one of the fancy halogen bulbs in our bathroom went out. Anyone who has even gone shopping for these damn things knows there are a million different variations and they’re expensive. They may be long-lasting and energy-efficient, but trying to replace one always makes me wonder why we couldn’t just stick to the basics. Are incandescent bulbs really so evil? This situation remains unsolved.

Finally, after prowling the internet for a very specific car part for months, I finally found an original replacement for the ’51 Chevy’s rear license plate light assembly. This lighting issue has made me very hesitant to drive the old car at night—a scenario that often led to a long narrative in my head that goes something like this:

> I pressure Cristi into going somewhere in the old car with me
> We get pulled over because the light that’s supposed to show my MO credentials isn’t
> Then the car gets towed, I go to jail and Cristi has to walk home
> Cristi sells the car to pay my bail and to cover to cost of a divorce
> I’m a broken man for the rest of my life

Even if the light isn’t the right thing (I’m pretty sure it is), the packaging alone is impressive:

Guide 2

So, with all that, have a great weekend. May you have all the light you need to keep your path—or your rear—properly illuminated.


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