Similar but not the same.

I rushed out the front door yesterday morning, keys in hand, hoping the old Chevy would start. Across the street I noticed a lady walking a lab mix of some sort. Momentarily stunned by my affinity for black, four legged creatures, I  initiated a silly conversation.

“Your dog looks JUST like my dog!” I exclaimed.

She nodded her head.

“Except for the white spot on the chest,” I continued.

“Well, and your dog is actually quite a bit taller,” I said, trailing off, realizing that her dog didn’t look much like our dog at all.

A few minutes later, huffing the fumes from my 62-year old stovebolt, I questioned my tendency to strike up completely meaningless exchanges with people.

Hopefully I’ll see her again someday when I have Woody with me. Then I can clarify, in detail, how much our dogs don’t have in common.


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