Same as it always was.

I’ve professed my affinity for small, locally-owned barber shops before. If you know me, this is a predictable characteristic. Everybody needs to get their hair cut once in a while—which forces people with all sorts of different backgrounds, personalities and political affiliations into a small space where waiting is almost always required. And the conversation can get very interesting.

Last Saturday, my little shop here in town was packed with kids. A place with roughly enough space for six adults, adding restless children to the mix made the shop feel more like a crowded shed than a proper building. I started looking for fire exits. Sensing the kids’ impatience, one of the barbers rushed over to the 13 inch TV in the corner and put in a Looney Tunes DVD. The little ones were all suddenly mesmerized.

“I think I have this DVD at home,” I told my barber.

“Man, I love the old Looney Tunes…I watch a lot of cartoons,” he said, as we both laughed and a couple of  the older folks waiting their turn looked our direction.

A stern looking woman in her late 60s—most likely the spouse of one of the old guys standing by—chimed in.

“These cartoons are from the good old days. They don’t have all the sex and violence like the new cartoons,” she proclaimed.

As she finished her sentence, Bugs Bunny appeared on screen in a western town. The street filled with bullets pouring from each of the saloons depicted on the main street. This was followed by a cut into one of the bars where crowds of gun-toting cowboys were chugging frosty mugs of beer with the painting of a naked woman hanging in the background. The timing couldn’t have been more ironic. And awesome.

We all laughed, but she was obviously a little embarrassed. Being conservative is fine I suppose, but it’s probably a good idea to make sure your wide-sweeping generalizations are accurate before you make them public.



One thought on “Same as it always was.

  1. Mike says:

    Those good ol’ days cartoons were more sexist, racist and derogatory than anything can possibly be today. Yup, the good ol’ days…

    I still like them better than anything else today offers.

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