Flowers for the floral.

As many of you know, my mom and I have the same birthday. I’ve always felt a little guilty that she had to spend her twenty-second bringing me into the world—but also always appreciated the fact that we get to share the occasion. As an adult, no matter where we’ve made our home, I’ve always tried to spend the day with her. And when we can’t be together on the 12th, I’ve generally tried to acknowledge the double birthday with flowers.

This year our day fell on a Wednesday and we were in different places. I wondered if I should do the usual or come up with something new. I decided to stick with the plan and made the call to their local Hy-Vee—hoping the delivery guy could make it in time. Roughly an hour later, a text appeared with a snapshot of a massive collection of foliage. The bouquet seemed to be twice the size it had been in previous years. The text was followed by a thank you email. Mom felt special. Mission accomplished.

I was running the Hy-Vee scenario through my mind. A last-minute call. Quick delivery request. A fairly small order compared to a wedding or other event. And yet they came though. Then I thought to myself…someone should really send the ladies at the floral department something nice…a big bouquet of flowers maybe?


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