From the attic.

Nothing reminds me how fortunate we are to be a couple living in a two bedroom house like sharing our space with a third or fourth. And contrary to what you may expect, it’s not the single bathroom that’s inconvenient—it’s the lack of quiet space. So, right on cue with a whole load of bad stereotypes, I’ve been splitting most of my spare time between the basement and the attic as my mother-in-law enters the second week of her extended visit.

In the basement, I have a workbench, tool boxes, bikes and bike parts. Plenty of things to tinker with.

In the attic, I have a space heater, a turntable, a laptop and all the supplies for a major art project.

A temporary solution to an insignificant problem, spending time in these two spaces has reminded me that I’m taking these places and their potential for granted. I should be building things in the basement every weekend! And the attic? It’s the perfect hideout for all the introspective, brilliant thinking that could lead to the next great American novel! Right? Probably not. After all, it’s not accommodations that inspire creativity—it’s the inspiration itself where everything begins. It’s not the hammer, it’s the desire to build.

So here’s a blog entry from the attic. I doubt it’s anywhere close to being as brilliant as the space from which it was written, but judging its artistic merit is up to you. As for my next project, I’m headed back to the main floor to shave, shower and walk a dog.


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