Stick it out there.

A few days back, I was proofreading an ill-conceived piece of marketing at a big table in the center of the office. Five cups of coffee in, the morning was slowly transitioning into afternoon. The mass exodus of people leaving for lunch interrupted what little focus I could muster as I prepared to sign off on the glorified catalog page that was making its way around.

As I yawned and double checked the copyright information at the bottom of the page, something came whipping across my scrawny butt. Slightly shocked, I turned around to see one of my smiling coworkers.

“Better watch out…If you stick it out there, it’s gonna get smacked,” she said holding up her purse.

Call it what you may, it was one of the most exciting things that’s happened at work in a while. Which means I plan to take all my proofreading duties to the big table from now on.



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